10116 - Merlin2 Nick Agar Signature Series Woodworking Set 220V [10116]


10116 - Merlin2 Nick Agar Signature Series Woodworking Set 220V [10116]


“I hope you enjoy using this set as much as I am excited to be a part of this new range of products. This tool opens up new possibilities. It’s faster, more efficient and the finish happens in seconds instead of hours.” – Nick Agar

Nick Agar is a world famous sculptural woodworking artist who is a rock star in the wood turning world. He is in demand for demonstrations and classes internationally and is recognized by collectors around the world. His Norwegian Sunset Bowl is a beautifully crafted, multi-textured work that represents the best of woodworking and professional turning artistry.

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The Nick Agar Signature Woodworking Set includes Merlin2® with his special selection of custom designed accessories, some developed exclusively with Nick Agar by King Arthur’s Tools. Discover tools that extends the versatility of surface enhancement and finishing, including Oversize 2.2”(56mm) Sanders that curl over sharp edges, Tungsten Carbide All-Surface Flat Discs and Quick Change finishing discs.
• 9 Sets Oversize Hook & Loop Sandpaper Discs, 80–1200 Grit (Unique Extended Size Curls Over Backing Pad Edges)
• 4 Flat Discs With Tungsten Carbide Teeth On 3 Surfaces, Extreme–Fine (3 Surface Discs Feature Teeth On Every Side)
• New HTC Backing Pad Adapts Over Fifty 2"(50mm) Accessories for Merlin2® (Quick Change, 3M RolocTM, Hook & Loop)

King Arthur’s Tools® has added the versatility of traditional air powered accessories to the convenience of a variable speed electric power tool. An excellent choice for wood turning, wood carving, metalwork, miniature woodworking and finish work. Merlin2® eliminates the need for an air compressor with the ability to attach more than 50 accessories. Portable and versatile, Merlin2® is a wizard of a tool for creating shapes, textures and getting into hard to reach areas.

Merlin2 Nick Agar Signature Series Woodworking Set Includes Merlin2 220V-230V Variable Speed Grinder Plus:
1 - Merlin 8 Tooth Chain - 21008
1 - Merlin Coarse Carbide Disc (Red) - 10009
1 - Merlin2 Instructions
1 - Merlin2 Bag

1 - QC HTC, Spanner & Backing Pad - 10091
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit Sanding Disc 10054A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Sanding Disc 10055A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Sanding Disc 10056A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 240 Grit Sanding Disc 10057A
1 - QC Bristle Disc Green - Coarse 10061A
1 - QC Bristle Disc Yellow - Medium 10062A
1 - QC Buffing Pad 10065A
1 - H&L Backing Pad - Soft 10063A
1 - H&L Backing Pad - Medium 10064A

1 - Extreme (Purple) Thick Flat Disc 10086A
1 - Coarse (Blue) Thin Flat Disc 10087A
1 - Medium (Red) Thick Flat Disc 10088A
1 - Fine (Green) Thin Flat Disc 10089A

2.2"(56mm) HOOK & LOOP SANDERS
4 - Oversize H&L 80 Grit Sanders 10075A
4 - Oversize H&L 120 Grit Sanders 10076A
4 - Oversize H&L 180 Grit Sanders 10077A
4 - Oversize H&L 240 Grit Sanders 10078A
4 - Oversize H&L 320 Grit Sanders 10079A
4 - Oversize H&L 400 Grit Sanders 10080A
4 - Oversize H&L 600 Grit Sanders 10081A
4 - Oversize H&L 800 Grit Sanders 10082A
4 - Oversize H&L 1200 Grit Sanders 10083A